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MySQL database design and most other databases too

Welcome to MySQL Designers

We are a multi-award winning database development company comprising a team of a dozen dedicated MySQL database dudes who have been artfully tinkering with and designing MySQL databases and other databases too since the turn of the century. Over that time we have worked on hundreds of bespoke web applications, custom software development projects and mobile apps with databases at their hearts and remedied many a customer’s headache in the process. If you have a PHP / MySQL db project that needs working on (or recovering!) then please give us a nudge to see if we can help. We probably can.

While the name says “MySQL Designers” this is a little misleading as we do in fact work with other databases too, for instance we do quite a bit of .net work with Microsoft MSSQL / SQL Server and we also work with Oracle databases, PostgreSQL Google Cloud Firestore / Firebase database and Microsoft Access. This means that if your project has a database at its core then we can probably take care of your system’s design and development needs.

Beyond that we do a lot of bespoke web / app / software development work too, so as well as the ubiquitous database driven-websites and portals, much of our work is concerned with building smartphone apps (Android and iOS i.e. for iPhone and iPad) and also standalone software for Windows machines typically. In addition to upgrading existing systems and building new systems and apps, a number of our esteemed customers enlist our services to migrate data from one database to another (e.g. upgrade Access or Excel to a SQL database etc) or for systems integration work e.g. information sharing with legacy systems.

I think you get the gist, basically if you have any database-related development work that needs doing and you want it done efficiently and with the minimum of fuss then feel free to drop us a line – we look forward to your message!

The main tasks of MySQL Database Administrators / MySQL DBA are to maintain security, monitor performance, ensure data integrity and plan for disaster recovery scenarios. Availability concerns should always play a key role in the daily life of any DB administrator and this is even more true when it comes to open source databases like MySQL! Technical expertise is needed in order to achieve the best results.

Certified MySQL Database Administrator (OCA) professionals can deal with replication, clustering, backup & restore operations, disaster recovery planning and implementation. They are aware of the differences between the various releases of MySQL Server as well as other related products such as MySQL Cluster or MariaDB Server. They know how to use monitoring tools like Nagios in order to check regularly database performance and identify eventual issues before they become serious problems. To sum up: checking logs for errors, calculating capacity planning metrics an SQL query optimisation are among the things you’ll likely do on a daily basis if you work as a MySQL DBA.

Certified MySQL Database Administrator professionals are also familiar with the basic concepts of DevOps, especially in an Open Source environment like the one provided by Red Hat (such as Git for source code management, Jenkins for continuous integration and JBoss/Wildfly to deploy applications). They can deal with issues related to virtualisation technologies such as Amazon Web Services in order to run a scalable infrastructure. They know how to focus on performance-related problems in order to reach a satisfactory application latency. Operating System basics knowledge is another thing that every good MySQL Database Administrator should have in his toolbox.

Here are some examples of what you might expect your MySQL DBA to do on a daily basis: check logs for errors, calculate capacity planning metrics or SQL query optimisation are among the things to be done regularly by your MySQL DBA. SQL database admins should also know about:

  1. Security
  2. Performance
  3. Data Integrity
  4. Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation
  5. Capacity Planning
  6. SQL Query Optimization
  7. Basic knowledge of DevOps in an Open Source environment like JBoss/Wildfly or AWS.
  8. Operating System basics.
  9. Knowledge of various replication modes (Statement Based Replication, Mixed Based Replication, Multi-Master etc.) and how to configure them.
  10. General basic knowledge about cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services.
  11. Monitor the database for errors, performance issues and other potential problems with Nagios or similar tools.
  12. Ability to find the root cause of a problem by checking logs files / error messages / query monitoring data.
  13. Knowledge about basic Oracle database administration concepts may be needed when using the Oracle database engine.
  14. Basic knowledge of other related products such as MariaDB Server, MySQL Cluster may be needed.
    Sounds like fun!

Comprehensive set of features, db management tools and technical support to deliver scalability and achieve outstanding security and high levels of MySQL robustness and uptime

Based on MySQL Enterprise and utilising Oracle Cloud. Provides a straight forward, automated and fully integrated MySQL cloud service, allowing businesses to boost agility while reducing costs.

Empowers users to tackle the database requirements of next gen web, cloud, and comms services with due attention paid to scalability, robustness and flexibility.

Thousands of ISVs, OEMs, and VARs count on MySQL as the embedded database for their products, not just for reasons of speed but also for cost control to help maintain their competitive advantage

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