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Database Services offered by MySQL Designers

At MySQL Designers our experienced team of database professionals and software developers are revel in meeting the technical requirements of a wide range projects for our customers. Below is a very high level list of the work we enjoy undertaking just to give you a flavour of what makes us tick:

  • Cloud-based system design and development
  • Upgrading existing systems and scaling up databases
  • Migration of data from one database to another system
  • Integration of disparate systems to overcome data islands
  • Data manipulation, data processing and data import / export
  • White label app / software development services
  • Smartphone app development i.e. Android app design / iOS app design
  • Web portal design
  • Software development e.g. for Windows platforms
  • Ecommerce systems
  • Microsoft MSSQL database
  • Oracle databases
  • PostgreSQL databases
  • Google Cloud Firestore / Firebase database
  • Microsoft Access database
  • MySQL DBA / database admin
  • PHP & MySQL web development company
  • MySQL hosting
  • Database system security check and system penetration tests
  • Legacy system enhancement including data migration and integration with other systems

I am sure I have missed some things off that list, perhaps including the very thing you are looking for help with? Either way, if your project includes a database then why not drop me a line today to see if we can help you with your headache?