Exploring The Convergence Of Artificial Intelligence And Database Management

Exploring The Convergence Of Artificial Intelligence And Database Management Imagine having the power to not only manage vast amounts of data but also analyse it effortlessly, making intelligent decisions based on that analysis. In today’s era of big data and digital transformation, it’s crucial for you to harness this power in order to maintain control…

Unleashing intelligence from the digital realms, artificial intelligence (AI) is no more a vision of the distant future. The world, as we see it today, is in the midst of an AI revolution. AI is rapidly equipping systems with the capability to automatically learn and improve from experience, shifting from mere programmable commands to extending human-like intelligence to machines.

AI often gets intertwined with the term “Machine Learning”. While they are inextricably linked, they are not identical. AI is an umbrella term that encompasses any computer program or system that mimics cognitive functions typically linked with the human brain, like learning or problem-solving. Machine learning (ML), a subset of AI, on the other hand, equips systems with the ability to learn from data feeding and perform tasks without explicit programming.

Digging further, we come across another fascinating subset of machine learning known as “Deep Learning”. Equipped with artificial neural networks that mimic the human brain’s structure, deep learning allows AI to analyse and interpret complex patterns in large volumes of data.

As per Grand View Research, the global AI market size was valued at USD 39.9 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42.2% from 2020 to 2027. The AI technology frontier is unrolling various transformative industrial trends. One such critical trend is the rise of AI-based customised systems in place of one-size-fits-all approaches. This calls for the demand for more bespoke systems, enabling organisations to align AI applications with their specific organisational goals and gain a competitive edge.

Moreover, AI is radically redefining the software, app, and web development market by automating widely used programming languages, detecting bugs, enhancing cybersecurity, augmenting user experiences, and much more. As per Accenture, AI could increase productivity by 40% or more by 2035 through augmenting workers’ skills, and even creating new ones.

In the golden era of Cassandra, Hadoop, and NoSQL databases, data handling and warehousing are experiencing a surge in efficiency and scale. AI, in combination with these advanced databases, is providing insights that were beyond reach before, significantly contributing to smarter business decision-making and strategic planning.

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